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What Are The Top 3 Reasons To Start Your Own Business Today?

Updated: Apr 3

  1. You're bored

Boredom happens to everyone, every day. You sit idle for a while or wake up and do the same things every day, boredom kicks in. Boredom is usually perceived as a bad thing, and people immediately try to engage themselves in something that they would tag as ‘fun’. These days, that fun is merely going on the phone, watching TV shows and movies or playing games. Consumption of entertainment, which is basically other people's ideas. 

 *You try everything to get yourself out of boredom, but when you're bored, your brain goes into a 'default mode' which has been found by neuroscientists to allow your mind to wander and daydream, resulting in the most brilliant ideas that one could ever come up with. 

Imagine what you do when you're bored. If your answer was, you sit quietly or go for a walk and let your mind automatically start wandering and creating lines, doing its own artwork (which is ideas), then you are on the right track. If not, next time, let boredom do its job and put those ideas down on paper and start creating your artwork, because it is an extremely productive way that you could spend your time. You are indebted to use your ideas, it’s actually a responsibility of yours and is the number one reason anyone should and would start a business.

2. You see no growth in your job

To quote from a movie again, if you've seen Zootopia, employees at a workplace are portrayed as sloths. Although that was aiming to show the slowness of government departments, any 9-5 job can be said to move at a snail's pace with employees working like sloths and/or better a bridled horse doing its routine. 

Let's look at a basic breakdown in terms of time, to show what a 9-5 job does to a week in your life. A full-time job goes for 38 hours a week, let's take 21 hours of travel time to and from work, we each minimum sleep for 56 hours a week, 7 hours of selfcare time, 10 hours for socializing, which barely leaves any left for physical exercise and the remaining you have to upskill at work, if not you won't even have a snail's pace growth. 

If you envision bigger things for you than be stuck at a 9-5 job, slaving away time for other people's ideas, you should start an online business because, even if you did all the above you still have anywhere from 32-36 hours a week remaining, and we shall explore what you can do with those hours!

3. You want to go on a Monday morning outing 

We are talking freedom. You should be able to envision Monday Mornings as not something that is boring that you start preparing for it from Sunday afternoon. Rather every day of the week is supposed to feel equally exciting. You should also be able to plan and do activities on a Monday Morning without anyone authorizing you leave and you asking for it. Plus, to go on an outing whenever you want you need financial backup, although a job pays you, sometimes it wouldn't necessarily be enough to accommodate vacations whenever you want.

This can only be achieved through entrepreneurialism, and you should start utilizing your time to think and bring into effect an alternate source of income, the easiest, an online business. If not now, it'll be too late when you do understand that your work is taking you away from true freedom and you're just wasting away time.  


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