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"Boost Your Productivity: The Ultimate Multi-Tasking Hack You Need to Know"

Updated: Feb 26

A hustler's schedule

Okay, I get it. YOU WANNA HUSTLE!

There are people who tackle things as they come in, instead of planning ahead. That works just fine, until the person decides to hustle. When things start overflowing in your boundary, you are required to place some level of importance to each, and each becomes a task on your plate. So, hustling comes with tasks and you have a lot on your plate.


What are tasks anyway? They are a deliverable of some sort, that your brain has broken down into manageable chunks, brought to you in the form of tasks. This the brain does automatically and fast. You wouldn’t even realize when and how it happens, but you will receive the information as a task for you to complete, to get one-step closer to the finish line.

All good as long as you are able to keep count of the number of tasks around, but remember we are talking about hustlers, who continuously take up more and more things (coz they simply love to) and when the brain continues its innate behavior of task breakdown, every deliverable continues to be broken down to a point where you can’t keep count of them anymore, and the tasks are all over the place.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into understanding what the brain does in this task breakdown process and how it could feel overwhelming, to a point where you are all over the place. When you understand the process of how this happens and you know the exact reasoning behind this phenomenon, you can hack it.

And this is a very simple multi-tasking hack.

To put things in a clearer perspective, there are three characters: you, your mind, and your brain. Your brain is a workaholic, it loves the task breakdown process as it constantly wants to churn things. The role of your mind in this whole thing is it wants to relax, not just itself but also you as it loves you. Your mind tries to warn you to slow down, that it is not able to handle things for you, for you to relax. You on the other hand are overwhelmed, because you feel the pressure of your mind, which is unable to comprehend the number of tasks put out by your brain.

Your brain and your mind, both these characters essentially want to make things easy for you. In fact, that is their only motive, their love to make things easy for you.

The point is, you love your mind, brain and everything that is you as well.

So now, you can see what your brain and mind are doing here, and they are doing the work and warning, respectively, for you but it is not helping themselves or you, both are overwhelmed.

So, for these little helpers, your mind and brain that you love equally as they do, you must find an external helper to put you all at balance and get some tasks done.

You need to pick up all those little tasks and put them somewhere. Take the load off. You confidently know you have count of them somewhere and you can then reassure your mind to relax and quieten; your brain to do its work but make it all more productive and useful for you, your mind, and your brain.

So, what is this hack – writing!


An account of what you are doing, what you plan to do and how you want to get them done. The brain isn’t going to stop its breakdown process, so while it churns out the manageable chunks of tasks, you can manually pick up the pieces, jot them down as they appear and plan. You are taking the load off your mind, which has the goal to relax you, by putting tasks on a paper with a legitimate plan.

So, let your brain do its work, let your mind feel comfortable with a manageable number of tasks that you have organized, and let yourself breathe.

You have planned, you have it all written down, and you can even advance your planning as they become more and more complicated, but you are no longer overwhelmed with tasks all over the place. You have somewhere to keep count of them, and it’s all the more productive!

So, being a hustler overwhelms your brain, mind, and yourself out of the state of norm, but one does it for the growth of themselves. However, knowing how to relax yourself balances this whole internal system, and lets you do you.

Being a hustler is being strategic!

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