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Madhu Mohan



Me stumbling upon the art of product design and business is purely accidental. It all started at the Western Sydney University, Australia, where I enrolled to study Medical Science. It so happens to be that research, forms the first and foremost part of any project, and as such I chose research subjects throughout my degree and worked on projects end-to-end, from forming research questions, to conducting the primary research, running experiments, gathering data, forming conclusions & writing up papers. 

The coincidence continued as I took up Information Technology as my second degree, where I joined to get into the colorful world of game design. I took up game development and design subjects that required ideating, research, prototyping, refining & presentation of products and software solutions that solve customer pain points. 

By this point I started my e-commerce business, which again happened through a chance encounter of a fascinating raw material, that I thought could be turned into a great product that could bring comfort.


In 2017, I walked into a bookstore browsing through looking for gifts to give, and I walked into the gift-wrapping paper section of the store where I saw many colorful papers with pattern designs on them waiting to be used in ways, not just limited to wrapping gifts. They each had a different story in them, and I thought they should be valued something more than just within $10. I saw an opportunity and immediately bought as many as I could with whatever I had and came back home. I researched for hours on what other materials I could buy to turn them into something magnificent.


I wanted to bind a notebook by hand.

I had a notebook made within the next 3 days or so, and over the years since 2017 when I first started, I learned to price, differentiate, address the needs of the market and add value to a product to go from 30% profit to 84% profit on the notebook product! I drastically increased the price of the product yet continued the sell the product on the most renowned platform for entrepreneurs (Etsy).

With this continuous learning of product design and business outside the academics, I also did academic subjects, most of which were independent research projects and product design subjects. 

As my skills started to get polished further through the past 7 years, I got my real breakthrough and witnessed my skills in effect at my first corporate job, where I pitched my idea for a business as an intrapreneur. I received invaluable coaching from my business mentor for 2 years and have refined a product with ultimate differentiation and market position, for it to breakthrough and address a major pain point existent and growing within corporate companies. 

I really want my contribution in this world to be through the business industry, talking about it, creating products, finding the gaps in the industry, addressing real pain points and pitching to reach people, but I also want to share what I know to other entrepreneurs.


To be honest, none of my ideas and businesses have reached where I want it to, and it never will, as the vision continues to morph, but I want to spread entrepreneurialism as much as I can, while I am in the process myself of learning and growing.


Entrepreneurialism is a very powerful notion to feel while living in this world. Doing something by oneself from scratch, selflessly. 

I hope I have this passion forever.


Madhu Mohan



Western Sydney University

Bachelor of Medical Science (Advanced)


University of Technology Sydney

Master of Information Technology



Ericsson Australia

Integration Engineer


Ericsson ONE





Founder & Creative Director



SpaceDriven - Real-estate-as-a-service

Co-Founder & Brand Strategist


3Brands - Retailspace-as-a-service

Co-Founder & Brand Strategist

Ideas that I am currently working on

Artificial Intelligence SaaS


Software marketplace for enterprises task management - in idea stage


Undecided name (Perfume Brand)

Exotic affordable and long-lasting perfumes, made by perfumer Madhu Mohan. 


Organised Thoughts

Creative DIY kits to bring entertainment in a box



Routines and Rituals oriented skincare and selfcare products with an astrological touch

Blog & Merchandise

Madhu Mohan

Courses, podcasts, blogs and books by author Madhu Mohan related to entrepreneurship, self-starting and business.

B2B and D2C

It's Essentials

Everyday cosmetics and soaps made with quality ingredients packed in eco-friendly packaging

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